LEDs are not always the solution!

We are often called in to fix LEDs that have failed long before their due date, and believe that the current incentive schemes that offer free LED installations are destined for trouble.


By the time the Consultants and the Suppliers have taken their costs out, there is very little left to pay for a decent quality globe, and an even smaller amount to pay the installer. End result - early LED failure (usually less than 2 years) and contractors who are not keen to return to the site to fix up the failed globes.

Many of the companies who have popped up to meet the demand for LED lighting are solely focused on saving energy (which makes the payback look good!) and can overlook the end lighting result, leaving offices under-lit and retail spaces with poor light quality (good quality of light = higher sales).

The bottom line is that if something is free you have nothing to lose but your time, but sometimes it's worth paying a bit more and asking the experts!